Cancer stem cells: Isolation - Culture


Phuc Van Pham


The past twenty years have seen a significant worldwide reduction in mortality from cancers, largely due to improved early detection methods and develop- ment of more effective therapies, including adjuvant therapies. However, more than fifty percent of tumors do not respond to these therapies and more than seventy percent of patients relapse after five years. These failures are largely due to cancer stem cells (CSCs), found in all malignant tumors. CSCs are considered to be the origins of tumors and contributors to metastasis and relapse processes in cancer patients. This book summarizes isolation and culture protocols of breast cancer stem cells, liver cancer stem cells, prostate cancer stem cells, leukemia cancer stem cells...

Author Biography

Phuc Van Pham

Phuc Van Pham received his Ph.D. in Human Physiology from Vietnam National University, Vietnam in 2007. He is currently a Professor of Biology at the University of Science, Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Acting Director of the Laboratory of Stem Cell Research and Application. He is a longstanding lecturer and translational scientist at the University, and is a member of several societies and journal editorial boards focused on stem cells.

Dr. Pham and his colleagues have established one of the first multidisciplinary stem cell centers in Vietnam, and he has successfully launched an array of technologies in stem cell isolations. His research interests include stem cell isolation, stem cell therapy, mesenchymal stem cells, cancer stem cells, immunotherapy and regenerative medicine. He has published extensively in these areas.

After many years of experience as an embryologist, cell biologist, and molecular biologist, collaborating with leading researchers in Singapore, Japan, and the United States, Dr. Pham is a student again, keen to reach beyond the traditional boundaries of biology.

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